How to clean your computer to run faster?

Computers are very essential tools for work in today’s world. we use computers for our official work and gaming and several sectors. But over time, our computers can slow with performance. We know that this is a very frustrating matter when our computer running slowly. Everyone wants to relieve this problem. this Blog is only for those people who face this problem.

how to clean your computer to run faster
how to clean your computer to run faster

In this informative article, we will discuss how to clean your computer to run faster step by step. For reading more informative articles visit our website.

First of all, we have to observe that,

why our computers can be so slow?

Why is my computer so slow?

Generally, our computer can slow down for several causes. Such as:

  • It’s very hot. keep in mind, A cool computer will be a very fast computer. You have to look at your CPU temperature to see if this is getting too hot.
  • Your Old software. if you are behind on your Windows latest updates then your computer will be slow.
  • Running too many programs. if you are running many programs at a time then your computer will slow down.
  • Low memory or RAM. your computer uses memory to run all active programs. If your computer does not have suitable memory then your computer will slow down.
  • Shortage of disk space. Every file has its own space. if your space is full of old data then your computer can be slow.
  • Malware or virus. if your computer is attacked by any malware software your computer must be slowed down.

Now if you want to fast your computer then prevent all these things.

Physically clean your computer

There is a cooling fan for a computer which helps to cool the motherboard. But they also collect a lot of dust. Excessive dust slows down your cooling fan which traps heat to poor performance. that’s why you need to clean your computer physically especially the essential part motherboard and your Monitor. after that, make sure that your cooling fan is running perfectly. Try to use your laptop on flat surfaces.

Clean out unnecessary files

The 1st step to fast a computer is to delete all unnecessary files. Over time, you should delete all temporary files and Downloads which take up your most valuable space and slow your computer. That’s why you should delete all temporary files, system cache, and all other unnecessary data on your computer. This is the most important reason to slow down your computer.

Perform a system cleanup

Before that, you have cleaned up all unnecessary files on your computer. There are create some programs for temporary files which are used for one time. but these do not get deleted later. This includes such as:

  1. Old files
  2. System update file
  3. Setup logs
  4. And several others.

So, it is high time to clean up your Windows system. So, search these types of files which you want to delete. then click the OK option to delete this all.

Update software

Being up-to-date software is one of the problems of slowing down your computer. you should use the latest version of all software. As a result, your computer does not slow down. you have to check your present software version. if your software is old version then you should update your software. after updating your old version software, you can realize your improvement.

Update hardware

If any elements of your motherboard are weak which cannot provide you with suitable service, then you should update your hardware. such as you can change your SSD and HDD to run fast your computer. you can add extra RAM for fast speed. you can also change your GPU. Then you will be able to use your computer so fast.

Keep in mind, changing hardware is critical work. So, you need to help of a hardware specialist.

Clear your browser cookies and cache

There are a lot of small files on the web browser of your computer. These include such as:

  1. Cookies: Cookies are some small files that share the information about the websites that you have visited. there are some cookies that help the websites to remember your user preferences. again, some cookies track you around the internet.
  2. Cache: Cache is one of the elements of websites that are stores that you have visited before all websites.

All these types of cookies and cache take up many space on your computer. that’s why your computer can be very slow down. so you have to clear all browser cookies and cache to prevent the slowness of your computer.

Stop Heavy-Duty Tasks & Programs

If you are not using any applications or any program then you can close these applications. You can create the Windows Task Manager, That will show which programs or applications are using most of the RAM of your computer. then you can stop these applications that use the most energy.

If you do this on your computer it will reduce energy on your motherboard and grow up your computer’s speed also performance. And it will increase your battery life. So, you should to stop Heavy-duty tasks and programs to prevent the slowness of your computer.

Uninstall all applications you don’t need

If you do not need any applications to work on your computer then it will be a good decision to uninstall all unnecessary applications. you get relief from all unnecessary applications on the Windows Control panel. So, go to the control panel, then select the programs and uninstall all applications. This is a very essential thing to prevent the slowness of your computer.

Upgrade your RAM

For managing all active tasks and applications your computer motherboard uses a RAM or Random-Access Memory. Suppose that, it is a mini memory of your computer. Usually, it can contain only 4GB of Memory. Mostly it’s because of only two types of applications:

  • Video editing, Photoshop, Programming apps, etc.
  • Browser. More than two tabs if open in your browser.

It will slow down your computer.

If you have to do the work in these applications and programs then you should add more RAM. Then you can add 8GB RAM on your motherboard or upgrade your RAM. Otherwise, your 4GB RAM cannot handle everything without enough RAM. it will be slow down your computer and your internet speed. That’s why, You should to upgrade your RAM.

Update your OS

There are some types of operating systems. Among them, Windows is a very popular operating system. if you are using the old version of Windows like Windows 7, or Windows 8 then your computer might slow down. That’s why you should use the latest version of the operating system. As a result, your computer can use the all latest features of the OS. By using the latest version of the operating system your computer never be slow down.

Remove Viruses and other Malware

when working many several programs in the web browser and other official programs your computer can be attacked by any powerful viruses and malware. which slow down your computer. As a result, you cannot do any work easily. That’s why, you should remove all powerful viruses and all malware to prevent the slowness of the computer. Otherwise, it will be very harmful to your system and your computer.

Restart Your Computer

When you face some small issues then you should restart your computer. In one word, Restarting the computer can be solve the easiest problems. When you restart your computer, then you stop the all running software, running works, processes, and all other things. That’s why, your computer become cool and become very active and fast than before. By restarting a computer, you can prevent the disturbing slowness of your system and computer.

Delete Old Files & Downloads

if you are using your computer for a long time then there are many old files and many old downloads. there is the biggest enemy to looking at your photos, videos, and many files in your downloaded folder. which take up a lot of space from your drives. Also, it slows down your computer gradually and it’s badly impacted your work. that’s why, you cannot do your work on your computer comfort fully.

To prevent these painful boring problems, you have to delete all old downloads and all old files. If your file and download is very essential then you can save any cloud storage and Google account or take up a backup. As a result, you can use your data on your demand.

You can use a Onedriver to keep any important data which do not need to access usually. As a result, your files will be saved and safe.

clening computer to run faster
How to clean your computer to run faster

Empty Your Recycle Bin

When you delete a file from your computer then it stays in recycle bin folder. If you do not want to need these files again then you should delete these files permanently from your system. keep in mind that, when you will delete any files from the Recycle bin folder they will be permanently removed from your computer. that’s why, you should be very careful to delete a file from your computer.

In today’s blog of Ferdous Academy, we have discussed about how to clean your computer to run faster. We hope that we can give accurate information about clean a computer to run faster which will be very helpful to our visitors. Visit our website to read more informative blogs.

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