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let me ask you a question have you ever used google do you know what how to earn money from google without investment 2021 for free? how Google earn money? you can make a lot of money on google.

how to earn money from google without investment [year]?

In this post I will show you exactly how you can make $220 over and over again in just minutes all you have to do is just go on to this brand new website and use this brand new google trick that I will be teaching you in this post by following and incorporating these steps you can make hundreds and hundreds of dollars every single day. 

You guys I know that you’re coming from all over the world don’t worry this opportunity works worldwide and they pay you in many different payment methods they cover PayPal, Payoneer, Paytm, Skrill and bank transfers.

Remember to stay tuned and read until the end of this article since I will show you how to get free bonus money when you sign up and this is gonna be a brand new website that I’ve never seen anyone cover I will also show to set the ultimate google settings this is a google trick that.

I will be teaching you if you apply this strategy you can make three times more money compared to other people so make sure that you don’t miss out on this special trick that I will be showing you in this lesson but before we start welcome to where we teach you how to make money online the simplest way so whenever we write a new content on how to make money online.

You will be updated and you can start making things happen also please give this article a big thumbs up and if ever you have any concerns questions or opinions about the content don’t be shy and just leave a comment down below now let’s get back to the post now the first step that you need to do if you want to create hundreds and hundreds of dollars all through the use of google is you need to open this website called is a url shortener website that can pay you up to $220 dollars per 10000 views if you want to see if this website is legit and real. You can see and open this payment option proof you’ll see and open this payment proof tab on the top of the web site here and you’ll see all of the real-time payments they pay their users you’ll see that they are doing not miss out on any of the payments and that they pay through different payment methods. You’ll also see how much they have paid their users in real-time now there are three easy steps you need to do on this website to start earning money.

Now the primary step is to make and check in for your account next is you would like to start out shortening your links and share these links with people and I will be teaching you how to do this later on in the post and the last and final step is you just need to earn your money. Now there is a catch I need you to listen closely and carefully to this post since this will only work if you do it right and I will be teaching you that now if you would like to check in for a free account just continue and hover your mouse to the present top right-hand corner and you’re gonna see this register button.  Just click on this link then you only need to register for a fresh membership.

Now once you check in for a free account you instantly get one dollar for free. This is a signup bonus then once you create five dollars you’ll begin cashing out your money. I’ll teach you exactly how you’ll make money immediately starting today by using my google trick method. There are payouts daily this is often exactly why i really like this website because there are other websites where you’ll use an equivalent method to form money but they payout every other week this website will pay out daily and they cover a lot of different payment methods. Now if you guys are coming from different countries around the world. You can receive your payment on this website and again their minimum payment is just five dollars it becomes very easy once you make five dollars. You can begin cashing out money into whatever payment method that you want so now here.

How it works the method that we are going to be using on this website is we’re gonna continue to youtube and that we will find a video a really specific video and we’re gonna get a link to that video and then we’re gonna come back to this website and we will paste the link on this bar we are going to shorten this link. Once you shorten the URL link you are then going to share this link to different platforms and then every single time people click on your link you are going to make money. Now let me show you different payment rates that you will receive if people from Greenland will click on your link you are going to earn 22 dollars for every 1000 views. If you get people from the united states to click on your link you will earn 10 dollars.

Now you are gonna see different countries click on your link and you can earn different types of money. That’s the reason why you want to combine the google trick because if people from Greenland click on your link the most amount of money you can earn per 1000 views is 22 dollars. so right now on this post I want to cover how you can find the best video on youtube because if you find a bad video you will not make a lot of money. I’ll teach you how you can find the best video and then we’re gonna come on to this website to shorten the link once we get a shortened link we’re gonna go on to google and use a very special trick to multiply your money and make a lot of money with this method.

I’m excited to show you the entire system if you guys are enjoying this post don’t forget to comments. Now let’s get back to the video now we’re gonna go on to youtube now the best performing videos that I’ve ever seen are all about weight loss in this world. So many people want to learn how to lose weight so the best videos are going to be weight loss videos so when you go on to youtube you’re going to type in weight loss videos and then you’re gonna click on this filter and then you’re gonna click on this week. Now we’re gonna find the best performing video this week, because there are brand new fresh content as you can see here and then you’re gonna find the highest viewed video.

For example this one what you should do next, is just click on this video and then on top of that you’re gonna see this is the link to the video you’re gonna click on this link and then just copy it. Right now we’re gonna go to and then we’re gonna paste the link right here on this tab and then once we paste the link. You just have to click on this button once you click on the button they’re gonna give you a shortened link as you can see here so what you can do is just click on this highlight them and again you’re gonna copy this link for later right now what you can do is go back to google so we’re going to find forums weight loss forums.

What you’re going to do is you’re going to type in the keyword weight loss forum and then search when we use this strategy you’re going to find a lot of different forums where you can share the link because usually people who want to lose weight they’re gonna hang out and find different forums to join different discussions  and find different tips to lose weight.  So what you’re gonna do is that you’re gonna join one of these forums for example this one now this is just one of the examples that I want to show you you can find hundreds of different forums by just using google.

How to earn money from google without investment [year]

But again make sure you stay tuned to the end of this post because i’ll show you the number one trick on how you can get people from Greenland to click on your link so that you can make more money as you can see here if you get people from let’s say Sweden you just have to make five dollars but if you’ll get people from Greenland you’ll make fourfold extra money this is often crazy I’ll show you exactly the way to do that in only a flash let’s go back to the forum. Once you go on to the forum usually can just sign up and register for free so for instance in this forum just click on this register button and then you have to fill out your information what I recommend you do is you don’t use your real name use a fake name and a username and then sign up for an account you can repeat the same thing on many different forums the more forums you can find the more links that you can share out there and the more people are gonna click on your link.

But again there is one big problem because when you use this method you can get people from different countries to click on your link but how can we focus and find more people from Greenland more people from Ireland and therefore the USA in order that we will make more money.

This is the secret tactic that I want to show you when you do a different search on google what you’re going to do is you’re going to click on this setting so I visited click on settings and you’re gonna find the advanced search click thereon then right here you’re gonna see this region the region you want to filter them on for instance Greenland by doing you only  that you simply can find tons of forums specifically in Greenland then you just repeat an equivalent method and that’s how you can get a lot of people from Greenland to click on your link but again unfortunately the forum that’s available in Greenland is very limited.

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