The 10 Best Learning Websites for High School Students।। The 10 Best Educational Websites for High School Students

The 10 Best Learning Websites for High School Students

The 10 Best Learning Websites for High School Students: Learning may be a blessing. But nobody happens to be qualified there to thanks to a variety of reasons.Distance and financial obstacles are a couple of them. studying online has become very fashionable in recent days because it requires little or no cost and also, it’s a really easy process.

Whether you’re a student or knowledgeable, you’ll be in need of some particular and education that’s not always possible to achieve physically. Online education has linked the connectivity between learners and learning materials and tutors. Currently, there’s a surge in online education in Bangladesh. you’ll get the education at a cheap cost or maybe free at many of those institutions.

The 10 Best Learning Websites for High School Students
The 10 Best Learning Websites for High School Students

There are many best learning websites for high school students in Bangladesh. Let’s discuss The 10 Best Educational Websites for High School Students in Bangladesh:

01. Robi 10 Minute School

Today 10 Minute School is one of the most popular online learning platforms or best learning websites for high school students in Bangladesh. Which created by Internet entrepreneur Ayman Sadik in 2015. Although it was started as a small initiative but day by day it is growing rapidly at present, almost 1,50,000 students regularly attend classes through this platform. 

From JSC candidate to Professional workers, everybody can benefit from here. Mainly, This platform provides classes for JSC, SSC and HSC candidates. Besides, professional workers who can be also benefited by watching some of their content. 10 Minute School is also most popular among the students for University Admission Test special classes and skill development courses. 

The popular telecom company ROBI and others numerous public figures now are sponsors of this platform. 

02. Repto Education Center

Repto Education center is a appraised as a desi version of Udemy. The education process of Repto is simple. Some experts create a video course and upload it on here, students enroll in the courses, and get certified after completion the said course from online.

Repto Education Center offers both courses paid and free. They offer courses on varrious topics such as Programming, Digital Marketing, Photography, English Language, Entrepreneurship, Database, MS Office, Graphic Design, etc.

Also, This website has as very important section named “Job section”.  The website is continuously updated  the circulars of govt. or non-govt. jobs to know the people . so we can say that Repto Education Center is the Best Learning Websites for High School Students in Bangldesh.

03. Shikkhok.Com is one of the oldest online learning website in Bangladesh Which created by Dr. Ragib Hasan in 2012. He works as a professor of computer science at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. The lectures are designed for everybody to easy understand.

The best important thing about is that it has a panel of teachers who are expert and excelled in their own educational field. The brings educators and researchers together from all over the world to make free-of-cost content in Bengali language on both basic and advanced topics, to serve as an open, free, and cheaper alternative to traditional educational systems.

You can learn from here about the Freelance corner, Mobile application development, Computer science and technology, Engineering, Language and even subjects from SSC and HSC level. This platform is best place for Science and Engineering Students and researchers. For this reason is the Best Educational Websites for High School Students.

 04. Shikkhok Batayon

This project is organized by the government of Bangladesh for the  digitization of education system of our country. This website mainly content upload with PPT presentation slide which explaining different terms and topics of school-level academic studies.

There are three mainstreams educational contents are available here. These are General, Madrasa, & Technical system. The contents of this website are prepared and uploaded by different teachers of different schools and madrasas all around the country. The Shikkhok Batayon is totally free to use. In this way, Shikkhok Batayon is Best Learning Websites for High School Students.

05. eShikhon is a popular learning based website in Bangladesh. This site allows anyone to take different model tests which helps them to prepare themselves on several subjects. Subjects of the study is  from the level JSC to BCS. Anyone can chance the topic-wise test at different levels.

Technical audio-visual courses are also available on this website. Anybody can take a technical audio-visual course from a range of courses as like CPA Marketing, SEO Learning, WordPress teaching, graphic design learning, affiliate marketing, android development etc.

The blog section of this website has most informative write-ups that can help the students to get up to date with latest education Systems. For the above mention information, is the Best Educational Websites for High School Students in Bangladesh.

06. Study

The online based unique website is It has huge collection of regularly up to date questions assist the students to test himself. This website is centering the competitive examination preparation. Students are also find any previous questions of the state competitive exams like BCS, Bank Job etc. On the other hand, Students can take for model tests for each of the modules.

Students can also log on this site through Facebook id. This site helps to the students find out many academic write-ups, questions, and related to different topics. I am sure that students shape up their learning more flawlessly from here. so we can say, is the Best Learning Websites for High School Students.

07. Amar Pathshala

Amar Pathshala is one of the most popular educational platforms. Amar Pathshala is different type of educational information like admission circular and result, Career guide, job circular, the video tutorial for the students. This site also give to the students lesson for BCS and other job preparation and on foreign language.

This websites covers all classes  from one to twelve and also give us professional and skill development courses all in one places.This Website is totally free of cost from any place of the world to achieve knowledge from primary level to higher level education.

For the various educational information facalitites Amar Pathshala is the Best Educational Websites for High School Students in Bangladesh.

08. Srijonshil

Srijonsil is a most popular online educational service provider in Bangladesh. The people associated with this website to learning in unique ways to the future generation. The aim  of this website to make education reach every door of Bangladesh.

The Srijonshil platforms is organized by the team of 20 students from different universities from each corner of our country.

They have e-books for the students from class one to class Ten. On the other hand, they offer model tests for the school and college-going students. 

Online education has become an accessible and profitable topic for everybody. Sometimes some specific and special learning become so difficult to attend physically,  then online education platform becomes the savior of a learner’s life. 

09. lekha Pora BD

lekha pora BD is a well known educational website in Bangladesh Which founded by Al Mamun Munna. This website is the first academic study platforms in Bangla Community on Bangla blog site.

They are  provides all kinds of educational information in Bangladesh like admission test information, result information, syllabus, suggestion, routine, textbook, job circular, and many more. 

This site is trying to ensure that educational information services can be provided smoothly. They also try to solve the problems about the study of all Bangladeshi students.

10. Educarnival

Educarnival is also set up centering the competitive examination preparation. Anyone can find any kinds of previous questions of the state competitive exams like BCS, public university admission, Medical college, Bank Job, SSC, Teacher registration and other government job exams.

On the other hand, you can take for model tests for each of the modules. They have a report/assignment section where anyone can find many academic write-ups related to different topics that will surely help the students shape up their learning more and more flawlessly.


In Conclusion, It is clear that online education system is popular day by day. The educational websites is most important to learners. It is as like a bridge which connected to tutors, learning material, and learners. Anyone can easily learn many things on the above mentioned websites.

So don’t  waste you time start learning your desired education as soon as possible Because learning has no age limitations too!

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